Coronavirus and Dental Treatment message to my patients


A Word To My Patients Concerning Coronavirus and Dental Treatment: 

We are all concerned about COVID-19 more commonly known as coronavirus. The world seems consumed with the potential spread of this virus and there are suggested actions that can be taken to minimize the risk of infection. 

We wanted to inform you that we are open this coming week and look forward to seeing you for your dental appointment. 

As a board member of the California Dental Association, I am in close contact with the latest recommendations regarding dental care. To date, CDA has not recommended avoiding dental treatment. As licensed oral health care providers in California, we are required to use “universal precautions” when treating patients. Universal Precautions are those protocols that minimize the risk of spread of ANY disease! This involves disinfection of our treatment rooms, sterilization of our instruments, wearing of gloves, face masks, eye protection and gowns/lab coats and of course hand washing. Furthermore, we are required by law to take continued education in infection control bi-annually as a condition of our licenses. In this regard, the dental office is a fairly safe place. Additionally, we enlist the services of an outside consultant to help assess our office efficiency and efficacy in these processes. Infection control has been a top priority for more than 35 years. 

As I see it, the biggest risk to infection in my office is in the reception area. It is an area that tends to be crowded. If you prefer to wait in your car for your appointment, let us know and provide us your cell number and we will call/text you when we are able to seat you in the treatment room. 

Thank you, Dr V

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Another 5 Star review from our patient

I love Dr. Van Sicklen. He’s very easy going and personable. My whole family sees Kellie his hygienist and won’t let anyone else clean our teeth. We have moved 1.5 hours away and still go back for our appts. to their office. April 22, 2019