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So why is sugar soooo bad for you? 

So why is sugar soooo bad for you?   As it pertains to the mouth, the bacteria there “eat “  the sugar and give off acid, thus making cavities.   So it stands to reason that if you reduce the tooth borne bacteria and/or the sugars you will reduce cavities.  It’s really not very complicated.  The bacteria are reduced by careful oral hygiene.  That’s code for brushing and flossing!  When it comes to decay, remember that it’s not how much sugar you eat, it’s how often you eat it.  Even the smallest amount of sugar counts as an exposure. 


On another note-a more global view-excessive sugar intake is probably responsible for a huge percentage of all health expenditures in this country!  It is responsible for what is a near epidemic of Type II diabetes which in turn is responsible for cardio vascular disease.  Related obesity causes a myriad of orthopedic problems.  Simply put, sugar IS the root of all evil.


Final question of the day:  What’s the worst food you can eat/drink?  Answer: Sugared soda pop!  Not only do those drinks contain up to eight teaspoon of sugar per 12 ounces. The carbonation makes the acidic which just lends itself to further decay.  Most have caffeine in them which is very habit forming. Furthermore, people tend to sip them over a long period of time which counts as multiple exposures! So, lose the sugary sodas!

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