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Safe and Happy Holiday

December 16, 2020

Best wishes to all my patients/friends for a safe Holiday season!  Without doubt, 2020 was the most complicated year of Dental Practice that I’ve experienced!  (40 years-yikes!) 

Despite all that’s happened pandemic wise, we have managed to survive!  I believe we have a great deal for which to be grateful, and am looking forward to a happy healthy 2021!  To that end, I thought I’d share some info concerning the vaccination and dentistry.

 Dental personnel have been placed in Phase 1a, tier 3.  This means we are health care providers that provide essential heath care in a relatively less risky environment.  On one hand, I wish we were a little higher on the pecking order; on the other I’m proud that dentistry in general has worked so hard on asepsis and infection control that we are considered a “less risky” setting!  I know how much my team works at it!

So, for those team members that desire it, we should have the first dose of vaccination sometime before the end of January!  This eliminates our own fears of getting it, and reduces the potential for spreading it!  This clearly is the light at the end of the tunnel.  In the meantime I urge ALL to do those simple things that prevent the spread.  By avoiding large gatherings, frequent washing of hands, and the proper wearing of masks we can stem the tide! 

Happy, Happy Safe Holidays!

Dr. V and team


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